Celtic Heart c8 3.12" circumference

Celtic Heart c8 3.12" circumference

These roll-stops will not only add individuality to your instrument, but will keep your practice chanter on the table. Each is crafted from high quality tooling leather, and is tooled, dyed, antiqued, finished and laced all by hand. All for the cost of a pipe chanter reed, except the roll-stop is sure to last much longer. 3.12 circumference.

  • SIZE - 3.12" circumference

    Determine the circumference of your practice chanter top. Carefully measure diameter in inches (measure across the bottom), then multiply by 3.14.

    This fits practice chanter tops with a circumference of - 3.12"



    If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, return it for either a replacement or a refund.


    Shipping is by USPS, First Class.

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