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HL Pipe Bag

HL Pipe Bag

I designed this bag to achieve the following:

  • a reasonable price
  • tone, like sheepskin or better.
  • a freed-up forearm
  • 100% moisture control without contraptions (no need for a zipper)
  • stability when transitioning from blowing to squeezing.


This cowhide bag is tanned to imitate sheepskin with regards to tone and moisture absorption and may even exceed sheepskin. When seasoning, allow the bag to remain inflated as air pressure forces the seasoning into the pores, sealing it. 


My sizes are based on the height and arm length of the piper: FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM BAGS the recommended position of the middle tenor will be marked with a black dot. Do not fold the bag in half expecting that location to be the best place - it will likely be too far from the chanter if you do this.

Standard sizes:

Size - Small (people under 5'4" with shorter arms) The bag has a narrower profile but is still full enough to provide stability when transitioning between breathing and blowing.

Medium - narrow (people between 5'5" and 6'0) Narrow cut frees up the forearm while still containing enough internal volume for stability of play.

Medium - regular (people between 5'5" and 6'0); feels fuller, like what is traditionally regarded as a medium, but is still designed to free up some forearm.

Large - narrow (people over 6'0 with long arms). To accommodate the long arms, the drones can be positioned farther from the chanter. The front end taper is extended to keep the bag off the forearm, while leaving plenty of bag in the back.

Large - regular (people over 6'0" with long arms); feels like what is traditionally regarded as a Large, but is still designed to free up as much forearm as possible. May be preferrable for tall and slender pipers.

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