Kilt Belt 2: Basketweave with or w/o stamps every 5 inches, no buckle, unlined

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Over the years kilt belts have become cheaper and frankly, cheaper-looking. An embossed kilt belt has a pattern because it was pressed through a roller that leaves an image behind, but you can tell. They look and feel like belts that are pretending to be tooled, or something special, but are just too cheap. These belts will attract attention and show how serious you are about your Scottish or Irish heritage and/or your devotion to the Scottish arts.


    Measure yourself. Add a couple inches to your regular waist size or put on your kilt and measure around, right where the loopholes are.


    If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, return it for either a replacement or a refund.


    Shipping is by USPS, First Class.

Size (inches)
Color (black is an option, but shows less detail)
Tooled Border - (See Image)
Basketweave Pattern - (See image)
Celtic Stamps (See Image)
Alternative Stamps (See Image)
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