Set of 3 Hagen Practice Chanter Reeds

Set of 3 Hagen Practice Chanter Reeds

I have been making practice chanter reeds since 2005. Up to that point I couldn't find a reed that produced a tone I desired, a tone which existed as a memory of the professional, clear tone of my piping instructor's chanter. It was bold, not generic. It was clear, not wheezy or raspy. Maybe it was the way she played it. Maybe she spent unimaginable hours hunting through piles and piles of reeds until she snagged just the right one. I didn't know -or had forgotten- what reed she played at that time, only that I wanted my chanter to sound just like that. And to achieve that sound I spent a solid year and many dollars and many hours testing every metal, every plastic, testing every shape and size until I arrived at my reed. It is an involved process making them, my mood has to be right when I make them, they can't be rushed, and I'm very picky. I work each reed until I hear at least an echo of the perfection I'm looking for. When satisfied that I like what I'm hearing, I sign it and date it.

  • Additional Information

    These reeds are built for long practice chanters, and they don't play as well in short practice chanters.

    Choose if you want the reed to be stronger so that it doesn't cut off so easily, or lighter if you prefer a reed with the same excellent tone, only a bit quieter.


    30 Day, replacement or money-back guarantee. Return the reed and it will be replaced or your money will be refunded, whichever you choose.

  • SHIPPING INFOShipping is by USPS, First Class.

    Shipping is by USPS, First Class.

Reed 1 - strength
reed 2 - strength
Reed 3 - strength

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